Bali Traditional Sport And Game
10 August 2013

Beside from sightseeing to nature, leisure experience can also be obtained by enjoying some intriguing local traditions. There are light daily activities, hobbies, traditional sports and so forth. Many people do this just for getting the experience, not for the end result.
Balinese community has several traditional sports and games. Probably, the only one display of those sports and games can be found in the annual implementation of Bali Arts Festival (BAF). It poses one of the media used to preserve and promote the treasure of cultural heritages together with other cultural elements. Such an endeavor is required to be introduced to the modern generation. If they never know about those sports they will never appreciate theirs. Moreover, they now tend to be attracted by modern games that sometimes make their parents worried on account of characters played in the video games or the like. They may turn less patient or when having no money to play the games it kindles them to commit crime. No matter small it is, it remains hazardous. However, it does not necessarily mean that modern games must be rejected. The key is that children should be persistently under parental control to minimize the negative impact because it also contains educational value.
Meanwhile, traditional games will teach them how to get in touch with nature, prepare the tools, cooperate with others and tolerate friends. Here, their patience is required until the toys can be completed. In addition, their relationship will establish togetherness in the level of their understanding. Since most traditional games are played outside the house, so they can know better their surrounding environment and friends. These values enable them to enrich their outlook.
There are a variety of traditional sports and games such as stilts, sack race, coconut-shell clog, tug-of-war, pulling areca-sheath and many others. When managed well, these traditional sports can create a good business. Craftsmen, for instance, can make the tools and their replica that may be taken advantage for souvenir by tourists. Moreover, if they are designed with the touch of Balinese ornamental styles they are going to give added value.
In addition, the games like stilts (tajog) can become an optional attraction for tourists. Getting involved in the games of course will drive a pleasure of its own. Try change the orientation. If the games or sports usually played by the locals, let’s share them with our guests. Then, if the games usually played at smooth or even land can be played with a slight challenge such as by crossing shallow-watered river or even on the beech, near the edges of waves. With different condition and background along this challenge, it certainly becomes an attractive and unique adventure.
Without doubt, there are more traditional games and sports that need exploring and discovering. These traditions actually are potential products becoming attractive games offered to visitors. While preserving, we can also offer something different from modern games offered by other destinations. If Bali will ‘go green’ with its organic agriculture, its tradition can also offer eco-friendly attraction where it is unnecessary to exploit the nature excessively but it even can go hand in hand with the preservation of local tradition. One day, the treasures of traditional games and sports could be coalesced into a ‘traditional games park.’ Ultimately, let’s share the fun of our traditions by involving visitors in the experience as the locals do.

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